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New in KUCI Music Library / November 12, 2007
November 12, 2007
by: Sam Farzin, KUCI Music Director

My memory is currently being jogged by peanut butter cookies from the lobby thanks to a certain Jake Bacon. All I can seem to remember from this past weekend is sweet, literally: cake, yogurt, candy, scones. I saw Joanna Newsom at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Some fifty-plus-year old man in a blazer tried to fight me. Joanna came to my rescue though. It's a little-known fact that her harp, should she will it, actually shoots lasers at evildoers. You would never expect Joanna Newsom to pack such serious heat!

There's a whopping three official adds this week, plus two miscellaneous adds.

Joe Lally - Nothing Is Underrated [Dischord]
This guy played bass for Fugazi and everyone loves the bass parts in Fugazi. On this solo venture, he plays strikingly foregrounded bass lines against often stark and understated instrumentation. It's surprisingly...sexy.

If you like the Antelope albums that have been added this year, you'll like this.

The Mary Onettes - The Mary Onettes [Labrador]
This is from Sweden and it sounds like Joy Division, but from Sweden. The songs really good though, every track I've listened to is a winner, so don't discount them as rip-offs. That said, even the art direction is Joy Division-esque. It's pretty tasteful though. Like a...peanut butter cookie! Hell yeah!

Brad Laner - Neighbor Singing [Hometapes]
This guy has been in a lot of bands (Medicine seems to be the most famous), according to his bio-timeline. This album is unabashedly poppy, a game of Pong between dreamy, chorused jangly jams that remind me of Olivia Tremor Control and electronic whirrs and birrs and whizzes and kerplops. To quote the sticker: "RIYD Caribou, Brian Eno" (fact: I first typed Briano).

Film School - Hideout
This came out in September but was not added (for reasons that are beyond me). This band just played instudio on KUCI this past Friday and they were really fantastic, so I'm honoring them with this late add. This is that noisy-indie rock that has been a consistent staple of college radio forever. You know, the kind that has 23412 delay pedals and watery reverb and stuff. Film School is one of those bands, but they actually rule. Boy-girl vocals, blistering rhythm section, spacey guitars. If you like Autolux, you will heart this. Also if you don't this is still really good and you'll probably still like it.

V/A - Free Yr Radio
Earlier this year, Urban Outfitters stores across the country were roxxed by some choice "indie" bands, on behalf of the support of a local college radio staion. Toyota also paid for this to happen. This comp collects tracks of various forms (live, b-sides, etc.) from the bands that played the events: Klaxons, Ponys, Man Man, Rapture, DNTEL, Sonic Youth, etc. etc. etc.

okay, that's it!
have a swimmingly fantastic week!

sufficiently satiated,



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