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New in KUCI Music Library / November 19, 2007
November 19, 2007
by: Sam Farzin, KUCI Music Director

Compatriots of sound!

I bought a K records pin from Calvin Johnson. Something about that is so surreal! Johnson doesn't look into the camera when you ask for a picture with him. He also can make his voice deeper than the Marianas Trench.

There are some sweet adds this week. They are mostly EPs for some reason, but music is music is music.

Wire - Read & Burn 03 [pinkflag]
I admit to not having listened to Wire before today. It's a embarrassing thing to admit. And it's not on purpose, you know? It's always like that: a band know you'll love but you keep forgetting to listen to. This EP has come along and jogged my memory though and I am thanks(giving)ful for that. For most of you, this blurb is entirely unnecessary. For everyone else (read: me), this music consists of rock-solid basslines that are supplemented with alternately airy and pointy synths and guitars and bump-bump-bump drums. Basically what I am saying is that this band is post-punk and if you like The Fall then you will like this but you probably already knew that if you like The Fall and at this point you just think I am a jerk. Track 1 ("23 Years Too Late") is 10 minutes long and it KILL S.

Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Ask Forgiveness [Drag City]
Will Oldham has never (ever) been my cup of tea, but I give the man a lot of respect for his sense of humor. He has a huge forehead. Here, he covers eight songs by artists like Phil Ochs (okay!) and R. Kelly (okay!!). The track titles are the names of the original songwriters, which is a little confusing. FACT: This is the worst promotional picture ever taken. That said, it is my favorite picture EVER. Foreheadtron, go!

Why? - The Hollows [Anticon]
A new track from the totally fantastic hip-hop-gone-melanchol-pop trio from Oakland(azylum). And six remixes and covers by Xiu Xiu, Half-Handed Cloud, Dntel, Boards of Canada, ETCCCCCCCCCCC. Included is a clean version of every OPI track, so everyone can enjoy this inquisitive music. Zing!

The Virgins - The Virgins '07 [self-released]
This band is sort of lame. As I understand it, more than one of them is/was a male model. A substantial chunk of their music has been featured on "Gossip Girl." They are called "The Virgins." They sound (a lot) like the Strokes. And are from New York City. Probably you are thinking "Dear Music Director Why are you adding this?" because whenever you think of things you want to say to people you write mental letters to them. And to your telepathic letter I respond: because these are some real awesome jams. The level of groove is sort of undeniable. The first track is so solid I can hardly stand it. Seriously I am writing this laying down. Haha no I'm not.

Alexis Gideon - Flight of the Liophant [Sick Room]
This is a bizarre record. There is rap. There is glitchcore. There are tribal-vocal-loops and yelps. There is lo-fi IDM. There are pretty-pop instrumentals (track 8, "Green Room Tea Time," is fantastic). There are acoustic singer-songwritery type songs. If Beck ate cupcakes and drank 40s and vomited music it would sound like this.

Stars - In Our Bedroom After the War [Arts & Crafts]
This is a late add, since we just got this in this week. Orchestral indie-rock from Canada, on Arts & Crafts. No real introduction needed if you've paid any attention to new music for the last three or four years.


All right friends, until next time.
tender love forever,


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