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New in KUCI Music Library / November 26, 2007
November 26, 2007
by: Sam Farzin, KUCI Music Director


I have a lot of school work that is weighing heavy on me and it sort of feels like I am Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner is dropping an anvil on me, but in slow-motion.

This week's adds are small in number but aurally tasty.

Jeremy Jay - Airwalker [K]
This is an excellent EP. It sounds like Television and The Modern Lovers and Joy Division, but also like Jens Lekman. Basically, the guitars are sort of pointy but they don't puncture, and the vocals are both breathy and punchy, and they tend to lower octaves. The bass is chugging. Has anyone ever had an Alta Dena Milk Chug? I love chocolate milk, but "Milk Chug" is such an unattractive name for an edible product.

Woods - How to Survive In + In the Woods [Shrimper]
This is an album made up of two separate previously cassette-only tapes. A lot of it sounds like it was recorded a billion years ago. The music is varied in sound: these two dudes can play friendly somber-pop guitar songs, but they can also channel blues-acid bangers ("How to Survive In"; Track 3) and other folktastic nongenres. Whether you wish you were part of one of Wooden Wand's hippie orchestras or lofiing it up to Pavement in 1992, there is something on here for you.

Garland of Hours - The Soundest Serum [Noble Task]
There is something vaguely Renaissance Fair about this record. Like, this music could ostensibly have been made seven hundred years ago, with different instruments. Contained here are cellos and pianos intertwined, confident female vocals that really guide the music in spiraling patterns, and an aura of being in a magical attic discovering music from an age past. This is an awful blurb. This band sort of sounds like White Magic. The end.

off into the cold sunset on a horse with my weary head held high,



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