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New in KUCI Music Library / February 11, 2008
February 11, 2008
by: Sam Farzin, KUCI Music Director

Caffeinated collegues!

This weekend I participated in UCI's Mad Film Dash. That was tiring. I had two Red Bulls within 7 hours, and then balked at a third around 2 pm after reading that an Irish 18 year-old had died after ingesting three in rapid succession and then playing basketball. I know it's far fetched but I really didn't want to die at age 20 from overcaffeination. All I could hear in my head was "Red Bull gives you wings!!!" and then think of angels.

I was tired though so I gave in and had it and I am not dead yet so I'm glad.

On Sunday, I saw Atlanta's golden boys the Black Lips in front of the Active Ride Shop on Bristol in Costa Mesa. I have never seen such a congregation of Ray-Ban Wayfarers in one place. I had two more Red Bulls, as they were being handed out for free. When push got to mosh later, a burly Active employee attempted to keep the kids in check. A saucy attendee cleverly yelled "it's your fault you gave us Red Bull!"

I have no respect for my gastric system, clearly.

Here's some music.

The Raveonettes - Lust Lust Lust [Vice]
I liked this band when I heard their first record, and then I got bored of songs in B-flat so I stopped listening to it. This is their third album (I don't remember their second). Lots of echo and reverb, boy/girl harmonies of the vaguely haunting and melancholy (though usually upbeat sort of - think the Vaselines) variety rather than the cute Swedish type (though they are Danish). It totally has that my bloody valentine/JAMC sound. Though I often though of this band as a one-trick pony based on that first record, I am enjoying this one.

No Kids - Come Into My House [Tomlab]
These are indie-pop kids that are out of their element. Fans of pre-Rise Above Dirty Projectors know this sound all too well. This is R. Kelly having sex with a prepubescent weirdo-pop band. The resulting teenager loves samplers, cowbells, harmonies, and Architecture in Helsinki.

Headlights - Some Racing, Some Stopping [Polyvinyl]
Pretty, upbeat indie-pop (with a lot of multi-tracking), plain and simple. Ain't no thang wrong with that.

Vashti Bunyan - Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind [Dicristina]
Everyone's heard the story. Pretty-faced London singer-songwriter writes some songs in the late 60s, critics dig, no one listens, she retreats back into the real world. Flash forward almost 40 years and admirers such as Animal Collective and Devendra Banhart have found her and pulled her back into the musical fold. This two disc collection of singles and demos follows her second LP (released 35 years after her first in 2005). She sings wonderful folk songs in a softly bellowing whoop and they are very nice.

Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago [Jagjaguwar]
Falsetto-folk, soul-soaked and carefully produced. That is all, really. Check "Skinny Love."

Danava - UnonoU [Kemado]
This is "for those about to rock." No, I am not kidding.

and the increasingly requisite late comers:

Dead Meadow - Old Growth [Matador]
This band has stuck to its are of expertise. They play relatively slow-paced (read: stoner) fuzzy psych-rock. Dig it.

The Delicious - The Delicious [Self-Released]
Cleverly-crafted piano-heavy indie-pop gems. Weirder than that Headlights album, and more nuanced.


That's all for this week.

until next time,


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