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New in the KUCI Music Library / March 18, 2008
March 18, 2008
by: Sam Farzin, KUCI Music Director

Last night I saw Boredoms. I loooooooooove Boredoms.

These are nonblurbs in the visual-movement style. I stole this week's second top add from Eric. It's going to be in the experimental section but I love it and it is one of my favorite albums of the year thus far and so I stole the add. These videos are fun. Watch them. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Just do it. Where do you want to go today? Welcome to Marlboro Country.

The Kills - Midnight Boom [Domino]

F*ck Buttons - Street Horrrsing [ATP]

Adam Green - Sixes & Sevens [Rough Trade]

Living Bridge [Rare Book Room]

Jason Anderson - The Hopeful and the Unafraid [K]

Mission of Burma - The Definitive Editions [Matador]

Jonathan Richman - Because Her Beauty Is Raw and Wild [Vapor]

The Apples in Stereo - Electronic Projects for Musicians [Yep Rock]

Unwed Sailor - Little Wars [Burnt Toast Vinyl]

Flying - Faces of the Night [Menlo Park]

Imaad Wasif with Two Part Beast - Strange Hexes [Self-Released]

Miou Miou - Lala Grande Finale [Minty Fresh]




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