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New in the KUCI Music Library / March 24, 2008
March 24, 2008
by: Sam Farzin, KUCI Music Director

Springtime champions !

New recs for the week ahead! It's spring break. Go outside and swim, or make hot dogs (tofudogs if you are a vegantarian), or listen to music in a park. On a boombox, or an iPod dock station if you are ~advanced~.

Man Man - Rabbit Habbits [Anti-]
This band put out the best album of 2006 and it was called "Six Demon Bag." When this came in the mail two weeks ago, I stuck it in my car and listened to it quite a bit because I was excited about it and I think it is also really good, laying to rest my worry that Man Man may have used up their bag of tricks. Man Man sound like a Russian circus troupe on a train colliding with a mountain of antiquated, broken instruments. I was there. Probably one of the best live bands in the world, currently. Play the excrement out of this album, please.

Sonic Youth - Master-Dik [Smells Like Records]
Rare EP recorded between "Sister" and "Daydream Nation" now on see-dee. This record features Sonic Youth being really weird, and like twentysomething instead of fortysomething. REALLY WEIRD. Seriously their is a "cover" of "Ticket to Ride" on this EP and Thurston Moore sounds like a 12-year old who is in his basement with his best friend and they are stoned (he is precocious) and they have microphones and oddly sophisticated 8-tracks and so he starts hitting his guitar and screaming til his voice cracks over drums that sound like broken engines. It includes shoutouts to Sun Ra. This blurb has taken me about fiteen minutes because the recordings on this EP are mind-boggling. Okay, I just got to the third part of track 7 "Funky Fresh" and I am hearing Thurston Moore beatbox in ear-splitting treble. This is almost embarrassing, the kind of embarrassing where you feel bad for the other person on their behalf and it's really awkward. There are very few 'songs' on this release. This is probably the best add of the year.

Thee Ohsees - The Master's Bedroom Is Worth Spending a Night In [Tomlab]
Finally, this band releases an album that can back my constant claims of their live show being totally amazing. This is the latest pet project of John Dwyer of Coachwhips/Pink & Brown/etcx10000 fame. It is AM radio garage-punk with awesome boy/girl harmonies, bouncy guitar and drums, and ass-kicking fuzzzzzzzzz. Check out the title track. Check out John Dwyer's haircut.

Kaki King - Dreaming of Revenge [Velour]
If you have heard any of Kaki King's old records you know that she is an amazing, singular guitarist. This is her big pop record, as I understand it. I think it loses some of the fancypants guitarwork that are still her trademark, but as a whole is a very digestible blend of pop-songwriting with weirdo guitar noodling.

Bombadil - A Buzz, A Buzz [Ramseur]
A folk-tastic orchestral with crescendos and pan flutes buzzing. Stomping jams that sound like angelic marches. Probably from caves to rivers. Track 8, "Cavaliers Har Hur" is totally excellent. I sincerely love this track, please play it.

Foxhole - We The Wintering Tree [Burnt Toast Vinyl]
POST ROCK!!!!!!!

Head of Femur - Great Plains [Greyday]
Indie-pop bouncefests! Like a million frenzied bouncy balls in a little cube of a room. Kitchensink orchestrations. Probably half of the shows on KUCI could play this happily.

That's it for this week.
Have an enjoyable week.


love, sam



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