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New in The KUCI Music Library / April 7, 2008
April 7, 2008
by: Sam Farzin, KUCI Music Director

Hey friends,

Got 10 minutes left on this bad boy before it goes kaput. I biked to school today and it was awesome(ly tiring I had to take a break). The guy next to me is being very obnoxious about being a political scientist. Whatever, dude.

Monotonix - Body Language [Drag City]
Israeli crazy people who put on the most kitchy fun live show ever. Rocknroll.

Colin Meloy - Colin Meloy Sings Live! [Kill Rock Stars]
"Hey guys, I'm Colin Meloy, listen to me sing about adventures and sad things!"

Constantines - Kensington Square [Arts & Crafts]
(guest written by Brian Quon)
"Stick Bruce Springsteen in a clown car filled with numerous Joe Strummers."

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltson - Pershing [Polyvinyl]
Pop gems about girls and stuff by the handful written by fresh-faced nice kids.

Clinic - Do It! [Domino]
These guys where surgical masks when they rock. I think that's the sign of being a badass.

Witch - Paralyzed [Teepee]
J Mascic plays drums on this wacky psychadelic stoner bonanza of reverb and distortion.

New Bloods - The Secret Life [Kill Rock Stars]
Primeval fiddle and bass jams with Raincoats/Slits bumpbump drum-pounding. Super weird, super awesome.

The Wombats - The Wombats
Remember when Arctic Monkeys weren't ubiquitous?

Nathan Moomaw - 26 [Gazebo]
Dude records one song for every month of his 26th year. Pretty solid "NEW WEIRD AMERICA" riffage.

French Kicks - Swimming [Vagrant]
Dancerock's lesser titans(?) return with "the record they always wanted to make" or something like that.

Secret Shine - All Of The Stars [Claire]

Sunny Day Sets Fire - Summer Palace [IAMSOUND]
Shiny summerpop if you couldn't tell by the title. Palace.

Wye Oak - If Children [Merge]
Subdued hush jams from our friends at MERGE.




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