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New in the KUCI Music Library / June 3, 2008
June 3, 2008
by: Sam Farzin, KUCI Music Director

You know what's awesome KUCI?

Burritos are awesome. I know, I know. I sound like a stoner (not) and everyone knows that (right?). Seriously though. Burritos.

What are your favorite burrito places, KUCI? I like Poquito Mas, and Al(b)ertos.

Do you not like burritos? Do you prefer bread-encased food that allows you to peer at its innards? Are burritos too mysterious for you?

I had two burritos this weekend. Do you like your burritos wet? I never get wet burritos. I like holding burritos, and you can't hold a wet burrito, unless you have a lot of napkins.

Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Lie Down In The Light [Drag City]
Will Oldham (^^^) has the biggest forehead in indie rock/folk/alt. I am not familiar enough with his music to know if he has a song about that or not. I like the Bonnie "Prince" Billy persona, though. I think Will Oldham has proved his mettle in his willingness to be silly and wacky (R. Kelly covers?) while still maintaining sincerity and a relatable honesty. Here's a creepy picture of him showcasing his forehead .

Love As Laughter - Holy EP [Glacial Pace]
This is groovy. This (13-year old) band has been touring with Modest Mouse a lot. The CD has a blurb written by Isaac Brock on the back (they are on his Epic subsidary imprint, Glacial Pace). It seems that despite this megaexposure, they have kept a somewhat low profile. Tight rhythms with loose guitars and you know, singing. There is nothing new here but these guys know the ropes better than most new kids on the block.

Awesome Color - Electric Aborigines [Ecstatic Peace!]
Did you know Thurston Moore likes psychedelic bands that play loud and noisy space jams? Go rock and roll!

The M's - Real Close Ones
Garage-y rock and roll. "Laid Back" is a phrase I am hesitant to use (I am looking at you, Jack Johnson), but it is definitely loose at the edges. Really nice harmonies and melodies and like this is good music okay.

Magic Johnson - Telenovelas [olFactory]
A new 7" in CD form from PDX by way of LA duo. Punk rock noise catchiness, y multilingual. PLAY ITTTT.

Anthem In - Anthem In [Quiet/Loud]
I haven't added anything so purely indie rock in awhile, so in the void of the new Death Cab album that we can't play I present you with Anthem In's self-titled debut which sure sounds a lot like a morbid taxi but at least they do a good job of it plus it's not like they set out to copy Death Cab it's just that Death Cab is big a lot of bands sound like Death Cab and Death Cab sounds like a lot of bands, you know what I mean right? Right.

Death To Anders - Fictitious Business [Self-Released]
More spacey indie rock jams for those of you who can't get enough. Addicts.

Minus The Bear - They Make Beer Commercials Like This [Suicide Squeeze]
It's a good thing this was reissued because when I went to see if we already had the first pressing I found that the CD was missing in the digipak case. So, don't steal this one. Or do. You'll probably get hit by a low-flying bird in the chest while you're walking through the park in karmatic retribution. Do YOU wanna be the dude tackled by a bird? NO.

generously passed on by JIM SMITH of THE SMELL/OLFACTORY RECORDS:

Abe Vigoda - Kid City [olFactory]
These dudes have a new CD out soon that will no doubt add big across the country, so I think it's fitting to finally place this 2 year old disc into our collection. If you already know the band's sound, this is a bit more punk and lo-fi. The tropical flavor is still very much here, but there is a lot of spaz-start-stopping and more shouting. It rules though.

V/A - Under 21: Los Angeles! A Compilation of Rad Youth [olFactory]
This compilation came out a few years ago to showcase the best of young Los Angeles bands (most of whom if not all are now over 21). It has variety. Do you like noise? Do you like punk? Do you like spazz? It's pretty all over the place. COOL.

Enjoy the tunes folks.



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