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New in the KUCI Music Library / July 15, 2008
by: Sam Farzin, KUCI Music Director

KUCI wizards,

You know the only thing less healthy than eating a chiliburger? Eating a cinnamon roll immediately after it.

Awaiting health problems:

Melvins - Nude With Boots [Ipecac]
Thunder grunge riff sludge drum bass guitar assaulting earth-shattering blistering bang bam blam knights of rock.

Mirah - The Old Day's Feeling [Modern Radio]
Mirah might have the best female voice in indie-rock. If not best, then at least the highest good voice:good song ratio. Plus she is like an elder stateswoman of indie-rock. Does that term have a dash? Are dashes indie?

ˇForward, Russia! - Life Processes [Mute]
This band's last record took a little while to sink in for me but once it took hold I couldn't stop listening to it. It SHREDS. I don't know how this band sould be described. I guess it is "post-punk" but ostensibly so is a band like Joy Division. But this band is also sort of..."post-hardcore?" As someone with no real experience in said genre I'm not sure if my usage of the term is correct. This band is really awesome guys.

Negativland - Thigmotactic [Seeland]
I saw a video at some point this past school year I am trying to remember in what class but it had members of Negativland in it talking about music and sound collage and wiretapping back in like 80s. It was a cool documentary. This CD is in the experimental section. It has music and samples and found sounds and a lot of other stuff. Weirdos.

Elephone - Canister [Talking House]
Really catchy and really rad "post-punk" sort-of no frills bambam type stuff with boy-girl vox. Not a lot to say about this that I didn't just say. I bet someone out there has fashioned a telephone into the shape of an elephant's trunk.

4 bonjour's parties - Pigments Drift Down To The Brook [Mush]
Cute cute cute cute cute orchestral pop from Japan. Japan. My friend Mike from Ireland showed me this really long bike trail in Japan that is an official "Bike Japan" route. It seems like an awesome trip.

Nomo - Ghost Rock [Ubiquity]
This is not really Rock-A. I think this is almost World. But it is also RPM. This CD is 100% about polyrhythmic exploration, and some melodies too. I need to listen to it more but it sounded realllly realllllyyyy rad.

Paul Weller - 22 Dreams [Yep Roc]
Paul W. has been around the block a lot of times as a solo dude and as main dude in Brit-rock-icon-dudes The Jam. I almost didn't add this because I thought that, around track ten or so, too many tracks had been piano ballads. I then realized that the disc had 21 tracks which hit basically every musical genre, with at the least, a fair if not good result. A ton of variety here.

Okay. Have an enjoyable week folks.



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