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New in the KUCI Music Library / September 30, 2008
September 30, 2008
by: Sam Farzin, KUCI Music Director

Deerhoof - Offend Maggie [Kill Rock Stars]
Greg Saunier is such a rad drummer. He is top dog. From my listen to this, it seems like this record does not have many of the immediate in your face exploders that filled "Friend Opportunity" like "The Perfect Me," "+81," etc. Yet, this is an exciting bunch nonetheless. As I listen to the tunes a second time through they are growing on me more and more. When will Deerhoof make a bad record?

Wire - Object 47 [Pink Flag]
6 months later (after Read And Burn 03) and I am going to embarrass myself again by saying I really do not know a lot about Wire. In fact, I just recently acquired a number of their biggest hitmakers. I just have to listen to them. In any case, people more smarter than me know that Wire is the best, and here they are with there first full-length album in a number of years.

Herman Dune - Next Year In Zion [Everloving]
Herman Dune sing songs in funny English about girls and love. They make writing the perfect pop songs sound easy. Zion makes me think of lions.

Mercury Rev - Snowflake Midnight [Yep Roc]
Psychedelic Rock and Roll with all the bells and whistles, with the touch of mastery you would expect from a) a band 20 years in, and b) that contains Dave Fridmann.

Crystal Antlers - EP [Touch & Go]
EVEN MORE PSYCHEDELIC rock. This band is totally blowing up and they are in our back yard (Long Beach [we have a big back yard]). Their percussionist might be named Sexual Chocolate. Destined for big things.

The Spinto Band - Moonwink [Park The Van]
(by Brian Quon, Ph. D.)
This is very catchy indie pop that immediately recalls Clap Your Hands Say Yeah with its energy, quirkiness, and guitar work. And that's not a bad thing in my mind, as it's always fun to hear a band that seems like they're enjoying themselves when they're writing their music.

Team Genius - Team Genius [Self-Released]
To be honest, I totally zoned out while listening to this album, but it got in like three tracks before I said 'Nope!" and snarled my evil Music Director Laugh. During those three tracks I recall hearing a LOT of different sounds and genres. I think it was really awesome. Plus, no swearing! Play it!

Pidgeon - Might As Well Go Eat Worms [Absolutely Kosher]
This is a pretty strange disc. It teeters between almost-indie-pop...and Boris. That means repetitive riffing with injections of quirky female vox over indie-pop-rock. It's actually a lot cooler than I am making it sound right now (not cool).

Women - Women [Jagjaguwar]
Recorded in a basement on lo-fi equipment. Women REALLY want you to know that they are lo-fi. Almost to the point where I am hesitant to add the record due to condescending gimmickry. But -- the songs are good. They rock in that early 90s style. The roll in that post internet-boom style. The harmonies melt like butter, on a giant waffle (Who wants to go to Roscoe's?). The songs are king, and therefore we will have to excuse their over-zealous approach (Who has had biscuit+gravy at Roscoe's? Doesn't it rule? Did you notice that the gravy costs more than the biscuit, separately?).

Land Of Talk - Some Are Lakes [Saddle Creek]
What can I say. Female singer-songwriter, yeah, but with a heckuva musical approach to the often tired genre. Really awesome production with unexpected and fresh instrumentation all over the place.

Ill Ease And The Racket - Turn It Loose! [Ionik]
This was sort of an unexpected add. I wasn't sure about it, but it won me over. Interesting that this adds in the same week as Deerhoof, as this disc definitely owes a bit to the bigger band. But there's something about it that is just different enough, just quirky enough, that it won me over. Okay.

Jenny Lewis - Acid Tongue [Warner Bros.]
We all know who Jenny Lewis is. But did you know Jenny Lewis once fought a bear?

Growing - All The Way [The Social Registry]
I love this band. Here is a blurb I wrote for the program guide:
"Growing have evolved slowly and subtly across four beautiful, scorching records. "All The Way" comes as a surprising, but logical, relative "pop" album. No longer fitted into longer, droning pieces with periods of contemplative blank space, the band here have allowed their self-built sound of twin guitars twisting and endlessly pulsing under the patched together conversation of dozens of effect pedals to grow into whole and mature songs in their own right. While it lacks the expansive, encompassing nature of their earlier releases, "All The Way" represents a boldly accessible and welcome step away from the rehashing of old ideas and senseless self-emulation."

Chirgilchin - Will Teach [Pure Nature Music]
Chirgilchin - Collectible [Pure Nature Music]
Two discs of amazing and breath-taking throat singing music from Tuva. "Will Teach" features a number of solo numbers by the individual members of Chirgilchin, while "Collectible" is a more holistic group effort. For an easy way in, try the first track on "Collectible."


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