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New in the KUCI Music Library
January 28, 2009
by: Sam Farzin, KUCI Music Director

Late Of The Pier - Fantasy Black Channel [Astralwerks]
British youths weaned off early 2000s dance-punk turn around and make an album of post-dance-punk-funk. I guess this is, more accurately, post-nu-rave...which was never really a genre, right?

Metronomy - Nights Out [Because]
I have a beef with this band. Let me spin a brief yarn: Metronomy started as a 1-dude project that involved laptops and keyboards and analog synths (I think?) and the songs were of the electronic dance-pop vein, but instrumental and utterly unique and off-kilter. Then, as far as I can tell, dude realizes he can probably have a larger fanbase if he adds cheesy love lyrics and tones down the avant-weird factor a little. And so we have "Nights Out." Not saying this sucks or anything, just that their first album is better. Obviously.

Cut Off Your Hands - You & I [Frenchkiss]
This is post-punk pop. Pure and simple. I've added a couple EPs from this band over the last two years to a fair amount of play so here's the full-length. I guess this is a little like The Dismemberment Plan, but from New Zealand and more pop and less punk.

Blackout Beach - Skin Of Evil [Soft Abuse]
This is Carey Mercer of Frog Eyes' solo project. What's weird is how this manages to sound EXACTLY like Carey Mercer of Frog Eyes' solo project. That is, it sounds just like Frog Eyes, minus everyone in Frog Eyes who is not Carey Mercer. That's not to say this is a purely vocals and guitar affair, but that it is undiluted Carey Mercer. If you like vocals that sound like the most pain you have never been in without resorting to screams, or if you like Frog Eyes, you will probably like this. God, "Flamin' Hot Cheetos" are so tasty. I never liked them when I was a kid, but I like them now. It is such an artificial flavor.

Pavement - Brighten The Corners [Matador]
Pavement reissue. Comes with something like 200% more songs. Also, I couldn't find this album in our library to begin with so I think we win twice.

William Elliot Whitmore - Animals In The Dark [Anti-]
Folk-punk! Banjo in hand, Whitmore yelps and croons over Americana. This is pretty cool.

Fever Ray - If I Had A Heart [Mute]
A single. Fever Ray is the female half of The Knife. This single includes the song plus two remixes (one by Fuck Buttons!). Unsurprisingly, this sounds just like The Knife. At least to my ears. That is not to be taken negatively, though. Short sentence.

B. Fleischmann - Angst Is Not Weltanschauung [Morr]
This is probably RPM. Really rad minimal not-quite IDM but mostly fun tunes on the Morr label! Starting to really be fond of the label.

Cotton Jones - Paranoid Cocoon [Suicide Squeeze]
Doo-woppy tunes with unique flavor and spirirt. Sort of an odd fit on Suicide Squeeze, while we're on the topic of labels. Coolcity though.

My First Days On Junk - No Order [State Capital]
What a great band name. They had me there; it helps that the thrashing shoegazy tunes on the record are pretty great.

Man At Arms - A Waste Of Time And Space [Joyful Noise]
There is a sticker on this CD that has a great "Recommended if you like" list. I can't remember what it said exactly but it was something like The Minutemen, bad time changes, repetition, etc. In any case, that is exactly what this sounds like. This is probably experimental but then again it is totally Steve Albini-y and is Steve Albini experimental? Probably. I bet he would punch me in the face for saying that.

Psychic Ills - Mirror Eye [The Social Registry]
This is in the experimental section. This sort of sounds like taking drugs (which I don't do) while riding a camel (which I also don't do). A lot of droning and some more conventional songs too. Fans of Gang Gang Dance take note!



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