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Free Animal Collective Bootlegs!
by: Kyle Olson

From their humble beginnings sounding like the Beach Boys if they were raised by wolves, to their current position as indie rock's darling weirdos being constantly fellated by musical taste-makers the world over, Animal Collective have brought their joyful noise with a dependable level of quality. Their most recent album, Merriweather Post Pavilion, was released earlier this month and is already being pencilled in to year-end best lists. After the band had announced a tour...tragedy struck! Their SoCal tour date at the Troubadour sold out much too quickly! And their date at the Henry Fonda Theater show was cancelled due to illness! What's a self-respecting music nerd to do? Well...you could wait until their LA date in May, but that's what your stupid ol' grandma would do.

Quickly! To the internet!

Some fine, upstanding folks have uploaded the entire AC set from the Bowery Ballroom show
the entire AC set from the Bowery Ballroom show onto the internet for your home enjoyment. The band frolicks through several selections off of the new album, works in some favorites from older albums, and closes on the epic Panda Bear-penned jam-anthem "Comfy In Nautica," which surely caused audience members' hearts to explode in their chests. Literally. That song may have killed people. Now you, too, can enjoy the Animal Collective live experience without having to attempt to dance while crushed against some girl dressed entirely in American Apparel (which has its own charms, certainly).

We here at KUCI advise that you download this set, clear some space on your floor, and dance or lie down as your mood(-altering substance) dictates.

Thank you, internet, for providing us with all the musical entertainment and niche pornography we may ever need.



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