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New in the KUCU Experimental Library
April 1, 2009
by: x

Lotus Plaza - The Floodlight Collective [Kranky]
Totally dreamy shoegaze. This is one of those albums that can move between experimental and rock-a and no one would be the wiser. This album will get all the psychedelic/experimental kids slowly bobbing and weaving their head while they keep their eyes closed. And it will get all the indie/rock-a kids a-dancin alone in their bedrooms.

Foot Village F*ck the Future 2 [Gilgongo]
This is a compilation of b-sides and remixes released by Foot Village on various vinyl-only releases. If you're familiar with Foot Village then you know what to expect. But for those of you not familiar: 4 people, 4 sets of drums, 4 sets of lungs. That is Foot Village, hear them roar.

Svarte Greiner - Kappe [Type]
This is a very dark ambient album. Deep guttural drone, feedback reverb, rattling chains. Everything about this album screams horror and despair. While not intense like other releases in the same vein, it is much calmer and more ambient which gives it an even more ominous sound. It's not the music you hear in a horror film when someone's being chased by the madman with an ax. It's what you hear when someone is sitting alone in a pitch black room and, though you can't see it, you know there are countless demons and monsters waiting to do unspeakable things to their unsuspecting victim. Very stunning, but not for the faint of heart.

Full Blast - Black Hole [Atavistic]
I have to admit when I first gave this a quick listen, I just passed it off as jazz. Then I was told to listen again. Don't make the mistake I made folks. Yes, it's jazz in the sense that it's clarinet, sax, bass, and drums played to syncopated beat, but it's also so much more than that. It's intense and intricate. As someone who isn't that fond of jazz even I enjoyed this album. Might not be for everyone, but I'm sure a few of you will enjoy it.

Cheer-Accident - Fear Draws Misfortune [Cuneiform]
This album is pretty amazing. One of those albums you don't really expect to hear, but when you do you're like "wha? is... is this for real?". It's really hard to pinpoint a genre for this. It's post-rock, it's post-punk, it's art rock, it's math-rock, it's avant-progressive, it's incredible. It's a "must listen", especially if you're into music that doesn't like to be pigeonholed.

Land of Kush - Against the Day [Constellation]
First off you need to know this isn't a band, so much as an orchestra. But not like: these people on wood instruments, these on brass, these on percussion. No, more like: this person on guitar, this person on synths, that person on cello, that person on oud, this person on drums, and that person on rocks (yes, rocks). Now add like 20 other people on similar instruments and you have Land of Kush. Though it's not as chaotic as that may make it sound. They actually produce some awesome psychedelic avant-garde post-rock. Their sound is a mix of different styles as well, giving it a very worldly sound. This is an album you just have to listen to. If you keep an open mind I think you'll enjoy it as much as I have.

Interbellum - Over All of Spain the Sky is Clear [Flingco Sound System]
This is a very minimal album with only a piano and a cello. Though they bring in sampled sounds and voices from time to time, you never really lose focus on the instruments. Just as you are about to identify the sound or discern what is being said, it fades as quickly as it came in. Like a dream that's fades as soon as you remember it. This album is as beautiful as it is melancholy. The pairing of cello and piano give a very somber tone, but at the same time it is completely relaxing.

Univers Zero - Relaps: Archives 1984-1986 [Cuneiform]
This is a collection of live performances from Univers Zero's early years. They are an instrumental band that was heavily influenced by 20th century chamber music. The sound is similar to a lot of the post-rock/post-punk bands of the early 80's, but have more of a fluid sound. You can really hear the classical influence. This is one of those bands you're either way into or can't stand.

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