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New Experimental Releases
May 1, 2009
by: Brayan Magdaleno

Terminal 23 - The Melting of Ice [Inam]
Another winner from Inam. Haunting electronic drone and noise. Tones pulse and vibrate, swell and dwindle. I find this album really beautiful, it seems bleak and at the same time uplifting.

Olekranon - Panacea [Inam]
This is a 3" CD of 3 tracks written before and after Gaitan (the full length still in the new experimental section). The first and third tracks are similar to those on Gaitan, but the second is a lot slower. It's like noisy and heavily distorted dub-pop.

Torngat - La Petite Nicole [Alien8 Recordings]
This album is surprising in all the right ways. It's part ambient, part pop, part drone, part rock. It seamlessly flows between the genres while mixing in elements of slow jazz, post rock, kraut rock, and orchestral. Though it has a very straightforward sound, it's not complicated or messy.

Acid Mothers Temple and the Melting Paraiso U.F.O. - Lord of the Underground: Vishnu and the Magic Elixer [Alien8 Recordings]
I feel like I really don't have to write much for this album. It's Acid Mothers Temple. Crazy and awesome psychedelic music to listen to while you travel through the cosmos.

Lithops - Mound Magnet pt.2: Elevations Above the Sea [Killer Pimp]
Amazing and bizarre electronic freak outs. This is one of the dudes from Mouse on Mars, so it's like that, but a lot weirder. Lots of hooks, beats, glitches, and manipulated samples.

Envenomist - The Helix [Killer Pimp]
Extremely dark ambient music. Like death threats in the form of music sent from another world. Turn this up and feel everything tremble (in fear).

Blood Money - Blood Brotherhood [Killer Pimp]
Whoooaaaaa. Like Arrington de Dionyso acid. Weird throat singing / strained scream with lots of noise and dark synths.

Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words - Lost in Reflections [Killer Pimp]
This album seems almost funereal. Hushed tones, constant low level background noise, brooding guitars, and glitch that almost sounds like effected samples of nature. Beautifully depressing.

Aidan Baker & Thisquietarmy - A Picture of a Picture [Killer Pimp]
Dreamy and ambient guitar drone. Aidan Baker's releases are always solid and his collaborations are always amazing. This is what happens when you get two talented ambient/drone guys together, they make really rich and extravagant tones.

Ulterior - Kempers Heads [Killer Pimp]
Noisy guitars, dark synths, insane beats, and intense vocals. The closest I can come to describing this is if you combined ADULT., Suicide and Jesus and Mary Chain, then told them had to play in some industrial death bar of the future.



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