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New in the KUCI Music Library
June 15, 2009
by: Sam Farzin, KUCI Music Director

Sunset Rubdown - Dragonslayer [Jagjaguwar]
Fact: this band's first full-length as a band and not as Spencer Krug (Wolf Parade) alone is one of my favorites. On this album, Sunset Rubdown continue constructing deconstructive emotive spectacles in art-pop that is unafraid to shred and yelp.

Tortoise - Beacons Of Ancestorship [Thrill Jockey]
This is really awesome! Totally instrumental (duh), avant-everything, just totally "rocking" and really unpretentiously fun but complex. There is a track on here that' name starts with a Y and is very long. It rules and apparently the name is the Chinese word for "Synthesizer."

Rock Plaza Central - ... At The Moment Of Our Most Needing [Paper Bag]
Canada's best alt-not-country-orkestra. Like, the Arcade Fire run through a poignant metaphor machine and without the pomp and mythos. And less Bruce Springsteen.

The Phenomenal Hand Clap Band - The Phenomenal Hand Clap Band [Friendly Fire]
Simply put--disco revival without any concerns for cool. And therefore, cool as F.

Tiny Masters Of Today - Skeletons [Mute]
Two kids doing the noise-pop thing.

The Nightgowns - Sing Something [Self-Released]
Really nice weird dream pop with unique and intriguing flourishes. DIY or die.


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