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June 28, 2009
by: Matt Buga

I Was A King- self titled (TCG)
Great Norwegian guitar-driven power pop with a teeny slight psychedelic taint in the vocals/distortion. Mellow but powerful, great hooks, and a guest spot from Sufjan Stevens on here somewhere. My favorite of this week.

V/A- Well Hung- 20 Funk Rock Eruptions from Beneath Communist Hungary / Volume 1 (Finders Keepers Records)
Actually I think this is my favorite. The album title says it; a great compilation of funky psychedelic rock from the Hungarian 70s. Obscure, rare, and amazing along with VERY DESCRIPTIVE liner notes! Not to be missed!

That Handsome Devil- A City Dressed in Dynamite (modern savage)
This is a real bizarre but great one, a dark mix of garage, hip hop, soul, and folk. Imagine Tom Waits+Outkast, yeah its hard I know. Most people could find at least one track if not more on here they'll like!

The Pine Hill Haints- To win or lose (K Records)
Songs of country, rockabilly and folk all with a little bit of punk-i-ness here and there. Another one with something for most, its got slow songs, fast songs, light, dark, narratives, heartbreakers, death ballads, etc., and no sense of gimmicky-ness to be found.

Young Fresh Fellows- I Think This Is (Yep Roc Records)
Fast-paced indie rock with 60s pop influences. Full of good vocal melodies and rock and roll~

The Truthe- cd-r demo (self released)
A lo-fi garage album from Los Angeles. Gots some rockin songs, a wonderful little love ballad you'll love, and an acoustic track. I don't want to, but I could compare some of it to the White Stripes. Don't be intimidated because its a CD-R!

Reverie Sound Revue- Self titled (Boompa)
Really mellow dream-y pop album featuring Lisa Lobsinger of broken social scene. Female vocals.

Starlight Mints- Change Remains (Barsuk)
Indie rock with heavy-synth action going on a lot of the time. It gets mellow sometimes, but its a lot of shake yr booty indie pop blasting.

DM Stith- BMB ep (Asthmatic Kitty Records)
Nice mellow acoustic guitar + piano songs. Reverb on the vocals above soulful backing vocals. two remixes on this in case you want something a little more upbeat, as well as an excellent cover "Be My Baby" by the Ronettes.

The Press Fire- Es Slash Tee (self released)
Dance punk synth galore, fronted with sassy female vocals ala Bikini Kill.

Cass McCombs- catacombs (Domino Records)
Chill alt-country with reverby vocals. Accessible, relaxing and nice. I like the cover.

other section adds
Plastic Crimewave Sound-No Wonder Land
Spazzy psychedelic rock songs closer Acid Mothers Temple (but under 5 minutes!!!!) and some slower ones, along with mini spoken word tracks. Not so much like their last one we added, but still great.


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