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July 14, 2009
by: Matt Buga

Brian Glaze - Green Living [World Famous in San Francisco]
Brian Glaze was a founding member of Brian Jonestown Massacre, and it shows. Great album containing fancy guitar work in lo-fi pop songs with 60s psych, folk, and new wave influences, resulting in album of fresh tracks that each stand out in their own way.

USVS - USVS [self-released]
An excellent 20 minute EP of shoegazer bliss, with tracks alternating between heavy and mellow to quiet and sincere. What stands out though is the often math-y guitar work going on behind the wall of distortion. The opening track is most definitely a blazer.

Megafaun - Gather, Form & Fly [hometapes]
Alt-country/indie folk with a lot going on! Generally lead by guitar and banjo and harmonized vocals all on top various percussions and other backing instruments.

Talbot Tagora- Lessons in the woods or a city [hardly art]
Artsy punky stuff both abrasive and melodic. They're playing at The Smell in LA soon if you enjoy this!

Soft Black- The Earth is Black [Plays with Dolls]
Swell indie rock with powerful and catchy vocal melodies. Album starts out faster, peaking at the third track, and then takes a more folky-rock but still excellent path.

The Warlocks - The Mirror Explodes [Teepee Records]
Psych & roll exchanges songs with shoegazer. Four guitarists and two drummers. Its more mellow than it sounds I swear. Off the same label as Witch, Earthless, Brian Jonestown Massacre, High On Fire, and official releaser of Sleep's full length "Dopesmoker" if you are doubting the quality of this album.

Wand- Hard Knox [Ecstatic Peace]
For an album of B-sides, this is pretty darn good. Excellent folk tracks that were almost on Wooden Wand albums.


Headdress- Lunes [No Quarter]
Guitar drone and some vocals with Americana roots similar to Earth's recent albums.


Tenement- 7 inch record promo [self-released]
This is totally fantastic! Great pop-punk/power-pop. The back of this album cites The Replacements, Dinosaur Jr. and the Descendents, and its pretty darn accurate. These guys are playing the North Park Awesome Fast in San Diego so watch out!

The Reckless Hearts- Hit Up and Run [off the hip]
Power-pop/British Mod throwback here! But this ain't just a gimmick, these guys got chops. Like Buzzcocks or Hives, but more 60s.

We March- Creator/Destoryer [non-prophet]
Real hard-edged punk n roll! Tons of energy on this.

Brutal Knights- Living by yourself [deranged records]
Intense punk rock similar to Zeke!

Total Abuse - s/t lp + bonus [deranged records]
Raw noisy punk. A little bit of Black Flag, a piece of Flipper here and there, basically a lot of 80s hardcore influence with extra noise! This contains their self titled album, sex pig ep, and demo.

Git Some - Cosmic Rock [no idea]
Fast and heavy! Has the spirit of 90s experimental rock/hardcore, like The Jesus Lizard but angrier.


Born/dead- the final collapse
Crust from Oakland! Hella critical political lyrics. I almost put this in punk, but realized its heavy enough for metal.

Iron Lung - sexless/no sex [prank]
half powerviolence, half grindcore, all brutal and awesome.

Trash Talk- Trash Talk [Trash talk collective]
produced by Steve Albini, these Sacramento dudes thrash out some pretty heavy and angry high-quality hardcore.



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