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For the week of October 26, 2009
1 F*CK BUTTONS Tarot Sport (ATP)
2 TIMES NEW VIKING Born Again Revisited (Matador)
3 EFTERKLANG Performing Parades (Leaf)
4 BROTHER ALI Us (Rhymesayers)
5 DUTCHESS AND THE DUKE Sunset/Sunrise (Hardly Art)
6 FINN RIGGINS Vs. Wilderness (Tender Loving Empire)
7 JAIL WEDDINGS Inconvenient Dreams (WHITE NOISE)
8 WHITE RAINBOW New Cloud (Kranky)
9 BUILT TO SPILL There Is No Enemy (warner)
10 AMANDA BLANK I Love You (Downtown)
11 THAO WITH THE GET DOWN STAY DOWN Know Better Learn Faster (Kill Rock Stars)
12 DIZZEE RASCAL Tongue N' Cheek
13 CROWN CITY ROCKERS The Day After Forever (Gold Dust)
14 BLUE SCHOLARS Oof [EP] (Duck Down)
15 KURT VILE Childish Prodigy (Matador)
16 PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART Higher Than The Stars [EP] (Slumberland)
17 MOUNTAIN GOATS Life Of The World To Come (4AD)
18 YO LA TENGO Popular Songs (Matador)
19 ROCK BOTTOM Welcome to Alligator
20 A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS Exploding Head (Mute)
21 CAPYBARA Try Brother (The Record Machine)
22 CHLL PLL Aggressively Humble (Porter)
23 DANIEL JOHNSTON Is And Always Was (eternal yip eye)
24 GET BACK GUINOZZI! Carpet Madness (FatCat)
25 MARMOSET Tea Tornado (Joyful Noise)
26 MOODRING Scared Of Ferret (Silber)
27 GOSPEL GOSSIP Dreamland (Guilt Ridden Pop)
28 GHOST IS DANCING Battles On (Sonic Unyon)
29 TAKEN BY TREES East Of Eden (Rough Trade)
30 BIG PINK A Brief History Of Love (4AD)



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