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For the Week of November 30, 2009
1 KING KHAN AND BBQ SHOW Invisible Girl (In The Red)
2 THAO WITH THE GET DOWN STAY DOWN Know Better Learn Faster Kill Rock Stars)
3 DUTCHESS AND THE DUKE Sunset/Sunrise (Hardly Art)
4 VIVIAN GIRLS Everything Goes Wrong (In The Red)
5 RAVEONETTES In And Out Of Control (Vice)
6 DEVENDRA BANHART What Will We Be (Warner Bros.)
7 BRILLIANT COLORS Introducing Brilliant Colors (Slumberland)
8 FELIX You Are The One I Pick (Kranky)
9 PREGNANT Liquidation On Swans (Life's Blood)
10 ATLAS SOUND Logos (Kranky)
11 CASPA Everybody's Talking, Nobody's Listening (Fabric)
12 TIMES NEW VIKING Born Again Revisited (Matador)
13 MARY ONETTES Islands (Labrador)
14 RAINBOW ARABIA Kabukimono Manimal (Vinyl)
15 HEADLIGHTS Wildlife (Polyvinyl)
16 DAM-FUNK Toeachizown
17 HIDDEN CAMERAS Origin: Orphan (Arts&Crafts)
18 LAKE Let's Build A Roof (K)
19 SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO Temporary Pleasure (Wichita)
20 PASTELS/TENNISCOATS Two Sunsets (Domino)
21 COLE Gifts Life's Blood
22 FUCK BUTTONS Tarot Sport (ATP)
23 GET BACK GUINOZZI! Carpet Madness (FatCat)
24 TALK NORMAL Sugarland (Rare Book Room)
25 XX The Xx (XL-Young Turks)
26 WE ALL HAVE HOOKS FOR HANDS The Shape Of Energy (Afternoon)
27 MOODRING Scared Of Ferret (Silber)
28 GIFT OF GAB Escape 2 Mars (Cornerstone)
29 BOAT Setting The Paces (Magic Marker)
30 CANDY CLAWS In The Dream of the Sea Life (Indiecator)


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