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New in the KUCI Library
May 5, 2010
by: Sam Farzin

Male Bonding - Nothing Hurts [Sub Pop]
Fast pop-punk with an emphasis on the early 90s. A sort-of Sup Pop "Roots Rock."

The Joy Formidable - A Balloon Called Moaning [Black Bell]
Big big songs with a cinematic flair. This could spell failure if not for totally compelling female vox that brings the heart of the songs out.

Moses Campbell - Who Are You? Who Is Anyone? [olFactory/Static Aktion/No Girls Allowed]
Cool dudes from the valley making a lot of pop noise. Unafraid of playing an acoustic guitar in 2010 in a pop band in 2010.

Rob Walmart - Everybody Hurts [Sub Pop]
This is in the experimental section. This sounds like a broken radio that has a weird concept of top 40 and social mores.

The Wave Pictures - Instant Coffee Baby / If You Leave It Alone [Moshi Moshi]
Double-disc collection of sweetly lo-fi pop gems.

Walking Sleep - Measures [Self-Released]
This band used to be called the The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra, and now they are called Walking Sleep. The FTO's last album of slickly-produced, elegantly lush but not over-done pop was well-received at KUCI, so enjoy this.

Annuals - Sweet Sister [Banter]
This band seemed to have peaked incredibly quickly, getting signed to a major label or something. Anyway, on this EP it seems they have returned to the sound of their first record which is: orchestrated, big-emotion indie rock with just an unobtrusive hint of what was once deemed "freak folk."

Delta Spirit - History From Below [Rounder]
Soulful indie-rock dudes whose last record was a pretty big hit at KUCI. Dig it.



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