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New in the KUCI Music Library
July 26, 2010
by: Tan Doan

Bella Novela ? Battlelines (Self Released)
Bella Novela are your new favorite band. Well, at least they?re my new favorite band. If anything, they deserve a shot, so give this record a spin. Based out of Long Beach, the trio kind of sounds like what would happen if Gwen Stefani was in a western and had one of the guitarists from Thin Lizzy. Ok, that is a terrible comparison; just know that Bella Novela pack a punch, and track 8 is about pirates.

Autolux - Transit Transit (tbd records)
The world (I mean L.A.) has waited a long time for Autolux?s followup to the fantastic Future Perfect. Autolux really excel at making dissonance sound great, and on this album, add on synthesizers to really glue everything together. If you have any love of bands like Blonde Redhead, Sonic Youth, or dark and moody music spin Autolux.

The Budos Band ? III (Daptone)
The horns dominate everything here. They are big, they are forceful, they are in your face, they will make you dance. Drop this in funky or even a jazzy set.

Rickolus ? Youngster (Circle Into Square / Fake Four Inc)
Rickolus is Richard Colado, and he does everything on this album. Youngster sucked me in pretty quickly with the sound and lyrics, and will definitely receive repeated listenings for a while.

Shapes and Sizes - Candle To Your Eyes (Asthamatic Kitty)
Shapes and Sizes features members of A Silver Mt. Zion, Tim Hecker, and Think About Life. Well, what does it sound like? Spacious and expansive. Despite what the drums do, the songs move slowly, but deliberately and with purpose; in manner one would move up a snowbank.

Colleen and Paul (Boompa)
The promo sticker says it all. Husband and wife duo doing 60s pop.



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