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New in the KUCI Music Library
August 2, 2010
by: Lily

Sebastian Blanck - Alibi Coast ? (Rare Book Room Records)
This album is the first release from Sebastian Blanck. It has an uplifting, melodic, and folk like feeling to it. Reminding me of the "Thumbsucker" (2005) soundtrack and Tim Delaughter's compositions in it. A quote about the album: "...Alibi Coast is a record of open-source love songs, a narrative of one or more relationships moving into and through dysfunction, brushstrokes becoming penstrokes and melodies".

Samantha Crain - You (Understood) ? (Ramseur Records)
A sophomore release, Samantha has a very beautifully, hopeful voice. At times reminding me of "Florence & the Machine", "Watson Twins", "Joanna Newsom", "Sarah Jaffe". Often singing in a quivering, earthy, almost instinctual tone.

CEO - White Magic ? (Modular Recordings)
White Magic has an orchestrated pop feel to it, while at other times is in and of itself orchestral, spacey, and transcendent. It bounces between these categories seemlisly. "ceo is cashmere, sweat, zooxanthellae and a stiletto".

Nicole Vaughn - Walk into the Night ? (Lavco Productions)
Nicole Vaughn is local Orange County musician. Her songs include guitar, bango, and harmonica. Her songs sound like children storybooks full of love and scenery.

Jesca Hoop - Hunting My Dress ? (Vanguard Records)
This is Jesca Hoop's second album is British pastoral folk with earthy American blues and roots tradition. Her tracks are provocatively dreamlike, wondrously complex and catchy. Fun Fact: Jesca was at one point Tom Waits nanny = musical influence

Wake Up Lucid - Look Alive People ? (The Village Recorder)
This album has a rich, warm, and classic rock sound to it, with a young blue collar twist. Winning a spot at this years 2010 SXSW festival Wake Up Lucid shows a lot of promise for albums to come.

Best Coast - Crazy for You ? (Kemado Records)
This first track off the album is strangely familiar and very catchy. Best Coast is composed of California's Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno. The album as a whole has a surf, beachy, romantic love song feel to it. Starting off their American tour at the F Yeah Fest in Los Angeles, CA in September. "Hazy, dreamy and genre-defining, Crazy For You proves that the impressive amount of press hype for Best Coast is more than warranted..."

Kylie - Aphrodite ? (EMI Records)
A "pop masterpiece" from Kylie with instant dance tunes featuring mezmorizing vocals.



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