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New in the KUCI Music Library
August 30, 2010
by: Tan Doan

Film School ? Fission (Hi-Speed Soul)
This album is a little all over the place, but is definitely worth playing. Most of the time, the music stays within the droney, wall of sound, dream pop mold, but don?t let that deter you. The opener is energetic, poppy, happy, amazing, and is a great place to start, while the closing track reminds me of Lush, and is a fitting way to end the album.

Bess Rogers - Bess Rogers Presents Bess Rogers (Self Release)
Bess Rogers has somehow found time to drop this nice, folky, countryish EP while juggling duties with Ingrid Michaelson, The Flux Capicators, and The Age of Rockets. Play some of this, along with Audra Mae, Samantha Crain, Neko Case,Nina Nastasia, etc.
Upbate:1,2,4 (rockin)

Andreya Triana - Lost Where I Belong (Ninja Tune)
Andreya is an incredible vocal talent that?s worked with Flying Lotus, and Bonobo. This album provides her a Bonobo produced, diverse backdrop show her sultry voice off with. Its a little jazzy, a little torchy, a little bossa, a little soul.

Screaming Females - Castle Talk (Don Giovanni)
Castle Talk is a great rock record. Normally, the label?s RIYL typically make me cringe, but the comparison to Sleater-Kinney and Dinosaur Jr. makes lots of sense. The guitars sound like something Dinosaur Jr would do, even the tone of the guitars and solos, while the occasional vibrato of Marissa?s voice totally reminds me of the first song that got me into Sleater-Kinney, Turn It On.

Your Youth ? Aloha (Gigantic Music)
Your Youth are a trio from Brooklyn. Poppy rock + some punkiness = instant gratification. Reminds me of the good parts of high school.

Aloe Blacc - Good Things (Stones Throw)
The internet is confused with Nathaniel Dawkins? origin. Orange County? LA? Doesn?t matter. As Aloe Blacc, he dropped this soul soul album, Good Things, that occasionally goes funk. His voice backed with horns really can do no wrong.

The Reverend Peyton?s Big Damn Band - The Wages (Side One Dummy)
Maniac Country Blues (upbeat) that has a down-home warmth and wholesomeness about that. Washboard/guitar/drums. Rev. plucks the bassline with his thumb. R.I.Y.L. Delta blues, hillstomp(kinda), washboards.

Roman Funerals - Six of Us (Self Release)
Roman Funerals are at their core, two brothers harmonizing with acoustic guitars. If you?re into the Fleet Foxes or Delta Spirit (and I know KUCI loves Delta Spirit) you should play some of this.

Les Vinyl - Bright Gray (Self Release)
This album is kind of quirky, just quirky and upbeat enough to find an audience, I?m sure. Try 2(Modest Mouse?)



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